Ollie Does It Euro Style

The Story as it Happened...

Tired of being a lackey for The Man, in the summer of 2003 Redneck High's heavily-tattooed Ollie decided to shuck his job and spend some time livin' life. Thus he took his savings and left sunny San Diego for what adventures may come.

After a few months bumming around his hometown in Northern California, side trips to the casinos of Reno and the hippie Mardi Gras of Burning Man, and a last-minute minor judicial run-in with The Man — still trying to squash Ollie's plans to live, dammit, live — in November 2003 our intrepid hero departed on a European trip of indefinite length.

He had no firm plans and no set itinerary. He drifted through Europe wherever favorable exchange rates and foreign-accented women of questionable morals led.

The Man made one last-ditch effort to keep his foot on Ollie's neck upon trans-Atlantic arrival, arranging for him to spend most of a day in airport jail courtesy of a suspicious English customs agent, but this didn't end the tale. Instead Ollie — he's heavily-tattooed, you know — learned his first valuable lesson of the trip: Wear long sleeves when arriving in a new country.

He posted updates whenever time and Internet access allowed, keeping a running account of how Ollie Does It Euro Style

Ollie is one of the main guys from To RedneckHigh.com